Hi folks! 

Welcome to my site! I'm quite excited by this new fan-fiction project, it is something which has always been in the back of my mind itching to get out!

This series will be around 30 diary entries in total, some of them will be short and some will be very, very long. I have only just begin writing the first diary entry (which is going brilliantly) so this is all still subject to change.

I will be posting an official synopsis of the Series soon, and I shall be keeping you all updated with information of the series, and I shall be posting some sneak peeks onto the site, as well as the Fan-fiction page on the site Doctor Who TV.

So that's about it, thanks for taking time out to have a look at this site. I very much hope you enjoy what I have come up with!

Best Wishes,

Sam (Aka TardisBoy) 

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